History 1


CMC-C was registered in Sofia in 1995 as a limited liability company.
The choice of locating the Production facilities of CMC-C in Pirdop was made considering the existence of promising enterprises of mining and metallurgical industry in the region.

The development of Production facilities passed through several main stages of development and reached its present form in 2005.

During the last fifteen years, our efforts have been directed mainly to improving production technologies.
It was the Location of the Production facilities that mainly determined our first major customers – the mining company in the village of Chelopech (now Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech) and the metallurgical plant in Pirdop (currently Aurubis).


Our mission is to provide optimal conditions for implementation of innovatively oriented engineers by solving scientific and applied problems in industrial and public electrical installations and systems.


Our vision is reflected in the main priorities of the company:

  • Maintaining a high level of trust in customers, stakeholders and public through complex, high quality, at modern technical level and timely problem solving and troubleshooting in electrical installations and equipment in strict compliance with the requirements of applicable regulations and the Integrated management system of CMC-C.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of working conditions and safety in order to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Striving and creating conditions to prevent and reduce the adverse impacts on the environment and efficient usage of materials and natural resources.
  • Creative approach to meet the growing demands of customers aiming maximum technical and economic effect.
  • Updating the policy and the objectives for quality, environment and occupational health and safety in case of changes in the processes, activities, products and services in CMC-C.
  • Continuous training and raising qualification of the personnel as a main prerequisite for successful implementation of priorities of the company. Striving to achieve educational effect from the training towards cultivation of research insights and science-based thinking.

Declaration of the cmc-c’s management for the politicity of the qualicity, environmnetal and health and safety labour conditions

Human Resources

In the company, we have distinguished designers and specialists with long experience working together and cooperating as managers and performers during construction, installation, reconstruction, setup, maintenance and repair of electrical installations and equipment of industrial plants.


Professional training of our staff is a priority in CMC-C. For this purpose, we have built a Training Centre, which is provided with personnel and materials at a modern level.

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