Our products

Electrical panels and switchgears 1

Electrical panels and switchgears

In CMC-C we produce industrial electrical panels and switchgears. Depending on the operating conditions and customer requirements we select an appropriate design of the panels and installations. We apply two basic approaches:

  • Assembling type-tested designs from leading manufacturers.
  • We produce special constructions on own documentation, including the mining industry.

Transportable Switchrooms (E-rooms) 2

Transportable Switchrooms (E-rooms)

We design and manufacture Transportable Switchrooms (E-rooms). The options are:

  • For outdoor installation. At this option, an appropriately sized container is designed and constructed, in which are mounted transformers MV / LV switchgears for MV and LV, control panels, UPS etc. Lighting and alarm (fire and security) installations are built in containers. If necessary substation is equipped with system for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
  • For installation in underground mines. At this option, any basic components (modules) of the substation are mounted on metal frames (skid based). Skid based enable transporting the modules by drawing. The main modules are usually two. First module contains the switchgear for MV, transformer MV/LV and utilities switchboard. Second module includes Motor Control Center (MCC), equipped with DOL or VSD and UPS. When necessary additional modules are manufactured, containing transformers LV/LV distribution boards (DB) and capacitor banks.

Specialized safety devices for IT mining electrical networks 3

Specialized safety devices for IT mining electrical networks

The company produces on its own “know-how”:

  • Protective devices from leakage current in systems with isolated source towards ground – three-phase and single-phase for AC and DC with voltages up to 1000 V.
  • Relays for control of grounding conductor.
  • Blocks for remote control.
  • Power supplying blocks.

Special structures switches 4

Special structures switches

We design and manufacture special constructions of switches under request of the customer. Usually this happens when the market lacks mass production of suitable device for the occasion. Such our products are:

  • Switches for DC up to 12 kA with a motor drive, suitable for use in electrolytic production.
  • Plug connectors 250 A 1000 V IP54, designed for use in mines and construction.

Training stands 5

Training stands